Kreider Farms’ Chiques Creek Hemp Tea Now Available to Regional Consumers, Nationwide Retailers

MANHEIM, PA., (August 26, 2019) – Kreider Farms, Central Pennsylvania’s favorite producer of farm fresh milk, ice cream, eggs, and more, is excited to announce that their recently launched, unique hemp iced tea drinks—Chiques Creek Hemp Tea—is now available regionally for consumer purchase at select retail stores. It will be introduced at the Natural Foods Exposition in Baltimore September 12-14.

Additionally, retailers beyond Central PA will be delighted to learn that these specialty beverage products are now ready for national distribution. Kreider Farms invites food and beverage sellers across the USA to join a quickly growing number of their peers including Giant Food Stores, Redner’s Warehouse Markets, and many independent operators like Shady Maple and Molly’s in carrying the full line of Chiques Creek hemp teas.

The three currently available flavors—all made from a blend of hemp seed oil and natural flavoring with no artificial sweeteners—are:

  • The Original Recipe – showcases the earthy flavor of hemp
  • Passionfruit + Mint – a refreshing tropical blend
  • Peach + Lemon + Dandelion – a complex blend of earthy, fruity, and tastefully bitter notes

Chiques Creek Hemp Tea does not contain CBD or THC, as the FDA has not yet approved these additives for food and beverage use. As regulations change, Kreider Farms may explore future recipe alterations.

“With the passing of the Farm Bill, consumers are looking for hemp products more and more,” said Khalee Kreider, Marketing/Social Media Specialist at Kreider Farms. “Our delicious new hemp tea honors our agricultural history here in Lancaster County. We’ve found that retailers are rushing to pick up Chiques Creek now that it’s in regular production!”

Named for the refreshing creek that flows through Kreider Farms’ company headquarters, Chiques Creek is more than a delicious tea—it’s a celebration of Lancaster County heritage.

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